Just Another Parenting Blog-Let’s Do This

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. I have a set of twins. When they were 2 years old, we were teaching them to sleep through the night without getting out of bed. Well, of course, they outlasted me and I fell asleep in one of my “stay awake till they fall asleep” shifts. Parenting fail. And they made me pay. Anti-up mom, the toddlers are in charge..IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!!!! In a span of about 30 minutes, one of my sons found the nail polish (I still have no idea how he did that) and painted his arms and legs with it (I think it was supposed to be his toes and fingers.) The other twin went to the freezer and lifted some popsicles for both the bandits and they met back in their beds and cracked open a cool, tasty treat at 2 am. I was “surprised” to wake up. Because I thought I was already awake. I was also surprised to wake up to some war paint and ice pop celebrations. But, I did what any mom would do. I went into the other room and screamed into a pillow. I proceeded to take a few pictures because my husband insists on capturing the moments that “someday we will look back on and laugh.” I wasn’t laughing. But, I’ll hand it to the guy, I’m laughing now…3 years later.

It is by the grace of God (as it always is) that my twins did not get into anything harmful that night and that they are still alive to tell crazy stories like this…times a lot more stories that put my parenting to the F grade status.

But all stories aside, parenting is so hard and so rewarding and in so much need of counsel, wisdom, and pursuit of those who have gone before us. Seeing that parenting has been happening for awhile, it always amazes me that each parent has to go through their own “firsts” and experiences and trials and trial runs to figure it out. And then they pass on what knowledge they have been given to the next rookie who has to go through it all again for the first time.

Because parenting isn’t about raising great, wonderful, perfect humans. Parenting is ultimately about understanding God’s love for us (as our parent) and passing on that gift. And no one can perfect that process. God gives us the next generation to pour our love and experience into who will hopefully impact the world as an heir to their Heavenly Father. But the journey is trying. The road can be long and daunting. And we all need help figuring it out.

My husband and I have a handful of umbrella standards of parenting that we live by to keep us sane (let’s be honest) and grow our children into the responsible, mature, Godly adults that “someone” “somewhere” reassured us they could be. I’m only going to tackle (literally and metaphorically) one topic of interest at a time. Parenting is an ongoing engagement of the mind, body, and soul. It’s the best ride of your life but you better buckle up. If you aren’t exhausted at the end of each day, you can probably bet there is some “adulting” to rub up on. Welcome to mommy fight club.

I am going to share in each article something I have learned that has helped tremendously (in big ways and small). Please don’t feel like you are failing or that I think I know diddly squat about ultimate parenting, because we are all just TRYING TO FIGURE THIS OUT!

I will say that everything I have learned is by the grace of God and His words of ultimate truth and guidance from Scripture. Sometimes I will directly source where I am drawing from in Scripture and other times it will be a general Biblical principle that fits (I pray) with the consistency of God’s character and teachings.

This blog is designed to help…not judge. Enjoy the process of parenting and learning because there is no escaping the journey and we all grow from these wise wee ones and God’s design of their hopeful optimism and endless need for authority and leadership. God puts the challenge of love and growth before us everyday with miniature mirrors and blesses us with passing on everything He has taught us to the next generation. From my home to yours…let’s do this.



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