Visions of a Vagabond

We are a nomadic people—humans that is. We are in search of wholeness and keep moving till we find it. Somewhere in us we really believe when we find the right thing or person—our spouse…best friend…a small dog that wears very tiny sweaters, wholeness will find us waiting with open arms. But in the words of Taylor Swift, “We are never, ever…like ever” going to find the intimacy that we so desperately long for on this side of Heaven. Sound depressing yet? Wait for it.

We carry our tents of hope around and pitch them in random places as single people with an embraced understanding that till we find that thing/person that makes us feel “something special” we got to keep on moving. Our belief in something better (intimacy, love, partnership) fuels the human soul to try new things, trust people with a renewed confidence, give love without getting in return, believe in humanity, be vulnerable, respond with grace and not judgment…participate in love at all. These are the road markers of life that we stop and pitch our tents at and can almost enjoy the reality of our nomadic state.

Then, for most of us, that day that we have worked for so hard finally arrives. The perfect person desires us back. The job everybody wants is offered to us. The small dog with the tiny sweater jumps in our lap in the crowded room. Nirvana. No more searching, no more soul wandering, and the tent gets wrapped up and the bricks start being laid in our final resting place of satisfaction. A permanent residency is built on the understanding that this is a place where wholeness can be found, where loneliness disappears, and our partner in life (spouse, job, blog, pride, best friend, money, dad or mom) will make us feel the intimacy we knew existed on this side of Heaven. But alas, what is this? Paradise begins to crumble slowly into a prison when the walls we have built enclose us from the great journey of moving towards the ultimate goal of wholeness. This permanent resting stop where we create anything from a home, to an excuse, to a true settled spirit of happiness actually hinders us from the opportunities that the nomadic lifestyle affords.

These brick walls of safety can be very deceiving. And while it is not always true, beware of the lies that security can create, foster, and even build a room for in our permanent dwellings. Some of these cons that we buy into can look like becoming complacent while calling it satisfaction, turning lonely and naming it maturity, settling for happiness when joy is absent, not giving ourselves in the name of building a home together, lacking vulnerability and calling it being wise. See, the problem is, all of these state of beings can absolutely be true, good, and definitely Godly but because the Bible says we often do not know ourselves very well (Titus 3:3; Jer 17:9) we have to be constantly aware of the possibility that we have found strength in the bricks when we are actually designed to find wholeness in the travelling tent.

So, “why try at all,” you may ask? For the glimpses. In a world where mortality reigns and immorality crouches at our hearts waiting, whispering that there is no more to life than this—the Creator of our soul and desire stands at the crossroads and proclaims that the good work He started in us…He also promises to complete in us (Phil 1:6)! Humanity was born with one whisper from God’s breath and holds the power of passion, greatness, creativity, and goodness because of the One who lives in us. We will never be whole on earth but we are a work of art that finds every stroke of awakening (love, laughter, intimacy, goodness) a refreshing reminder that our active and living Designer sees the whole picture of our life and promises an unveiling that we can’t fathom here on earth. The question really to be asked then is, “how badly do you want to see a sneak preview while you are here?” The pumping heart and awakened soul cries out, “As much as possible!”

We are a nomadic people—humans that is. By the great Designer, we are meant to keep traveling…keep on moving. We get to see glimpses of His greatness and creativity in the faces of those we love, in the jobs that spark possibility, in the echoes of the mountains, in the journey of love and loss. So, if you and I are willing to take the plunge and keep on pitching our tents, God is waiting to show us bursts of Heaven’s wonder on this side of the curtain. So take courage: open the windows of your soul, let the fresh air in of the Spirit that longs to move through your dwelling places, and be prepared to be dazzled by His paint brush on your journey. Or just put a mailbox in front of your bricks and let someone else send you a postcard. Looking forward to meeting you along this canvas of life!

-A Sojourner

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